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Legal & Copyright

This Website is for personal information. Use of information for commercial purposes is not allowed without explicit written permission. All content, illustrations, pictures and logos are protected by international copyright laws. We exclude any liability for links to third party Websites and third party content.

Data Protection Policy

Responsible for Data Protection Policy as defined by law:

iConcept Software & IT Services GmbH
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D-65527 Niedernhausen

Collecting General Informations

If you access our website there will be general informations collected from each visitor. These informations (server logfiles) will include your web browser, the operation system you are using, the domain name of your Internet Service Provider and alike. Nevertheless with all these informations there will be no way to identify who you are in person. Grapping these informations is a technical requirement when using the internet to present the websites you requested in a correct manner. These anonymous informations will be computed by us for statistical purposes to improve our websites and the technics they are based on.


We do use cookies, as many others do also. Cookies are small text files which will be stored on your local hard disk by the web server. These cookies will allow us to get information about your IP address, web browser used, operation system, your connection to the internet and so on.

Cookies can neither be used to start applications nor to transmit viruses to any computer. Based on the informations which are stored in the cookies you received from us, we are able to help you navigate on our website and also they wil be taken to make sure our website content is displayed to you correctly.

We will never transfer or hand out any data collected from you to a third party. Also, we will not relate the data collected by visiting our websites with any personal information we have from you without your permission to do so.

Of course you could use and display our website without using cookies. Web browsers by default allow the use of cookies. Nevertheless you can always turn off their use in your web browser's settings. Please refer to your web browsers help how to change these default settings. Please note that some functionality of our website may be broken if you are disabling cookies.


To ensure a save communication between you and us we may use current encryption methods like SSL when transfering data.

Contact Forms and other Web Forms

If you get in concact with us via mail or any web form, the information you entered will be stored to answer your request or further other questions.

Use of Google Analytics

Our websites may use Google Analytics, a analysis tool from Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses cookies, which will be stored on your local hard disk to allow us to analyse your use of our website. The informations we gain by using these cookies will be transmitted to a google server, usually located in the US and will be stored there. Because of the activation of IP anonymity your IP address will be cut by Google before transmitted in case the data is transfered from any member country of the european union or any other country which joined this data protection law of the european union. Only in very rare cases the IP address will be transmitted completely to the US and be cutted there after transmission. Based on our request, Google will use the information transmitted to compute your usage of our website to get reports about visitors actitvities and provide further services to us. The IP address which will be collected and transmitted by Google Analytics will not be related with other data owned by Google.

You can disable using cookies by changing your web browsers default settings. If you do so, this could have an impact of using our side as some functions may be broken and can not be used any more. Furthermore you can avoid the usage and computation of the data gained (including your ip address) by downloading and installing this browser plugin: Browser-Add-on for deaktivation of Google Analytics.

In addition or as a alternative to the browser addon you can avoid tracking by Google Analytics on our websites by clicking this link. Hereby a Opt-Out-Cookie will be installed on your device. This will avoid collecting data via Google Analytics for this website and browser as long it will remain installed on your computer.

Use of scripting libraries (Google Webfonts)

To represent our content to you in a similar way on every browser, we are using scripting libraries and font libraries on our websites like Google Webfonts ( Google Webfonts will be hold in your browsers cache to avoid multiple downloading. If your browser does not support Google Webfonts or does not allow access to Google Webfonts, all contents will be displayed in a standard font.

The call to scripting or font libraries will automatically cause a connection to the operator of the library. In this case it is theoretically possible that the operating company is able to collect data. Currently it is not known if any data collection is performed and to what purpose collected data will be used.

Google as a library operator has published their data protection policies, please take a look here:

Use of Google Maps

This website may use Google Maps API, to display geographical informationes in a visual manner. By using Google Maps, Google will collect, compute and use data about usage of maps functionality by visitors, also. Further information about data usage and computing can be found in Google's data protection statements. There you will have the possibility to change your personal data protection settings also.

For a complete Tutorial about management of your personal data in relation with Google products see here.

Embedded YouTube Videos

Some of our own websites may use embedded YouTube Videos. Provider of those plugins is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. If you visit a site which is using a embedded YouTube plugin, a connection to the YouTube servers will be initialized. YouTube then will be told which sites you are visiting. If you are logged in with your YouTube account while doing so, Youtube will be able and will try to personalize your web surfing behavior. To avoid this, make sure you are logged out of your YouTube account before.

Once a YouTube video is started, cookies will be used to provide and collect hints about your user behavior.

Those who have disabled cookies for Google-Ad, should not be compromised with those cookies when watching YouTube videos. YouTube in addition stores non personal user informations in other cookies as well. If you like to avoid this, you have to block storing of cookies in your browser.

Further information about data protection on YouTube may be found here:

Your personal right regarding information, changing, blocking, deletition and objection

You have the right to get information about any personal data we are storing about you at any time. Furhermore you have the right to have your personal data corrected or changed, blocked or deleted. This does not imply to data which we are forced to store by law to handle business tasks with you. In case you want to get in touch with us, please contact our data protection authority, contact data will be provided at the end of this document.

To provide blocking of your data at any time, this data has to be hold in a black list. Also, you have the right to demand the deletion of your data in case no legal law is preventing this, i.E. not in case of archiving reglementations. In case such a prevention exists, we will block your data if you tell us to do so.

Once you agreed to store your personal data, you can revoke this permission or request changes at any time by telling us to do so for future usage.

Changing data protection policies

Please be aware that we could change this data protection policy at any time to keep it conform with current legal requirements or to reflect changes in our services. This could happen for example if we decide to provide new services or change existing ones. In that case make sure to visit this data protection policy frequently. Once it is changed, it will be applied when you visit us again.

Questions to our data protection authority

If you got any questions, feel free to contact our data protection authority directly. You will find its contact details at the very top of this document in section "Responsible for Data Protection as defined by law".

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